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Greeley/Loveland, Colorado Special Community Orchestra
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Want to share photos, info, website or links about a special needs music group? Send them to us in an e-mail and we’ll post them here. Send one or two photos in jpg format only please. Your contact or other info is also welcome.

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MacNab School Special Ed Rock Stars - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

According to their web site, the "McNab Special Ed Rockstars" of Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario have been proving for years that, regardless of ability, EVERYONE can be a rockstar! On their site you'll find resources for starting your own group of rockstars, suggestions for selecting repertoire, tips on modifying instruments and fabulous resources like the Special Orchestra Method which originally inspired them.

You can visit their site here:

Here are a few excerpts from a long letter they sent us:

Mr. Linhart,

Seven years ago I began a music program for the special classes at our high school in Hamilton, Ontario. Your Special Orchestra Method and Songbook were extremely valuable resources to help me get started. Our program now has a strong reputation in our school board (with at least 3 or 4 public performances each year). For most of our 34 students, music class is the highlight of their day.

*          *          *

Though I have made many modifications since originally adopting your method, many of your ideas (eg. modified instruments and visual cueing) are still at the core of our program.

*          *          *

Again, thank you for making your resources available and sharing your program online. Our “MacNab Special Ed Rockstars” have been rocking it out for seven years thanks to your generosity. This year I have been approached to present at the Ontario Music Educators Association conference on November 7. I’d like your permission to discuss the Special Orchestra Method in my workshop.

Trevor Nicoll
Department Head of Music
Lead Teacher (Special Education Department)
Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School

Expressions of Joy Choir - Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Expressions Of Joy Choir in Albuquerque, provides an opportunity for adults, ages 17 and up, with developmental disabilities and/or other special needs to participate in choral music.

Please check them out at:

Expressions of Joy Choir - Albuquerque, NM
Performance at the Special Orchestra Music Festival,
Spring 2012, Albuquerque Main Library Theatre

Greeley/Loveland Colorado Special Community Orchestra

Greeley/Loveland Colorado Special Community Orchestra

(The Greeley/Loveland Special Orchestra is also featured in the photo at the top of this page - Ed.)

Greeley/Loveland Colorado Special Community Orchestra

CONTACT: Amy Freeman -

Friends of Children with Special Needs - San Francisco Bay Area

FSCN Community Center

Friends of Children with Special Needs is an organization based in the San Francisco area. It was founded by parents of children with special needs and their friends. They were among the first to develop a dream community with programs, support and housing for individuals with special needs and their families.

Their programs and site are impressive. They invite you to visit to learn more and see what is possible!

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